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An Overview of the New C++ (C++11/14)

Specification of the latest version of C++ (“C++11”) was completed in 2011, and many compilers now offer a wealth of features from the revised language. And such features! auto-declared variables reduce typing drudgery and syntactic noise; Unicode, threading support, and alignment control address important functionality gaps; and rvalue references and variadic templates facilitate the creation of more efficient, more flexible libraries. The standard library gains resource-managing smart pointers, new containers, additional algorithms, support for regular expressions, and more. Altogether, C++11 offers much more than “old” C++. This intensively technical seminar introduces the most important new features in C++11 and explains how to get the most out of them.

That's not all. A feature-complete draft of C++11's successor, "C++14," has now been adopted, and this course also covers select C++14 features. These include deduced function return types; reader/writer locks; and extensions to lambda expressions (auto and variadic parameters, generalized captures). You won't find a more up-to-date examination of the new C++ anywhere!

Course Highlights

Participants will gain:

Who Should Attend

Designers and developers who are using, considering using, or wish to know about the expanded capabilities of C++11/14. Attendees should be experienced with C++ and comfortable with its primary features (e.g., classes, templates, inheritance, STL, etc.). Familiarity with threading concepts (e.g., threads and mutexes) is helpful, but is not essential.


Lecture and question/answer. There are no hands-on exercises, but participants are welcome – encouraged! – to bring computers to experiment with the material as it is presented.


Three full days (six to seven lecture hours per day).

Detailed Topic Outline

For more information on this course, contact Scott directly.