Summary of C++11 Feature Availability in gcc and MSVC
31 January 2012
by Scott Meyers
This web page (automatically generated from Excel 2002, hence the lame layout) documents the availability of C++11 functionality for Gnu C++ (gcc/g++) versions 4.3-4.6 and Microsoft Visual C++ versions 9-10 under 32-bit Microsoft Windows. The tables will not be updated for newer versions of these compilers, although Scott will correct errors in the data if they are reported to him.
The information is divided into several tabs at the bottom of the page. Information on most new core C++ language features is found on the "Language" tab, and information pertaining to most new standard library functionality is on the "Library" tab.  Functionality related to concurrency (threading) is spread across both language and library, so this topic gets its own tab. There is also a tab for functionality not in C++11, as well as a tab summarizing the terms and abbreviations used in this spreadsheet.  

The information in this spreadsheet corresponds to compilers that Scott has personally worked with.  Compilers from vendors other than Gnu or Microsoft, compiler versions other than those listed, and platforms other than 32-bit Windows are omitted, because Scott has not personally experimented with their C++11 functionality.  Links to sources of information about other compilers or compiler versions are below.
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