Feature gcc -std=c++0x
on Win32
MSVC Approximation
(green if w/C++0x syntax)
"Entry Point" Proposal
Course Coverage Remarks
4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 9 10
auto-typed variables N Y A A N Y   1984 F  
Lambda Expressions N N Y A N Y Boost.Lambda 2550 F  
Rvalue References Y Y A A N Y   2027 F  
decltype Y Y A A N Y   1978 F  
Uniform initialization Syntax n Y Y Y n n   2640 F gcc 4.4 rejects nested inits e.g., { { } { }} and 4.4 and 4.5 fail to reject some narrowing conversions. gcc 4.6 appears to fix these issues.
Template aliases n n n n n n   1489 F AKA template typedefs
Variadic Templates Y Y A A N N   2080 F  
static_assert Y Y A A N Y Boost.Static Assert 1720 F  
Delegating Constructors n n n n n n   1986 F AKA forwarding constructors
Inheriting Constructors N N n n N N   2540 F  
Default & Deleted Functions N Y A Y N N   2346 F  
Implicitly-generated move operations n n n Y n n   3053 F  
Default member initialization values N N n n N N   2756 F  
explicit Conversion Operators n n Y A n n   2437 F  
Trailing Return Types N Y A A N Y   1705 F  
Right angle bracket as default template closer Y Y A A Y Y   1757 F  
Strongly typed enums (enum classes) N Y A A N N   2347 F Includes ability to specify underlying type
long long int, long double Y Y A A Y Y   1811 B N1811 is for long long only.
Extern templates Y Y A A Y Y   1987 B Selectively suppresses implicit template instantiation.
__func__ Y Y A A N N   2251 B  
Range-Based for Loop N N n Y n n Boost.Foreach 2930 F  
New Character Encodings N y Y A N n   1823 F gcc 4.4 rejects u8 prefix.
VC10 rejects new char types and new literal types.
Local Classes as Template Args N n Y A Y Y   2657 B  
Forward-declared enums n n n Y Y Y   2764 B VC9/10 rejects underlying type specification
nullptr n n N Y n Y   2431 F  
noexcept n n n Y n n   3050 B gcc 4.6 compilation noticably slows when using this
& and && Member Functions N N N N N N   1821 B  
Relaxed POD Definition n y y A n n   2342 B  
Scoped Allocators       N   N   2554 B  
C99 Compatibility     y y         B Includes preprocessor mods,
Alignment control N n Y Y N N   2140 F gcc supports alignof, but not alignas
Attributes N N n n N N   2761 B Attribute overview + final, noreturn, align. (align has since been removed.)
2782 Covers carries_dependency
Override control N N N N N N   3206 B Replaces attributes base_check, final, override, and hiding.
Raw string literals N N Y A N N   2146 F  
User-defined literals n n N n n n   2750 B These are compile-time constants
Unrestricted Unions N N n y N N   2544 B Union members may be of any non-reference type.
sizeof Member Variables N n Y A N N   2253 B sizeof(class::member) now okay.
Generalized constant expressions (constexpr) N N n Y N N   2235 B  
inline namespaces n y Y A N N   2535 B An overview available at http://tinyurl.com/4gss7ot.