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Effective Modern C++

Truly understanding C++11 and C++14 requires more than just familiarizing yourself with auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, concurrency support, etc. You also need to learn how to use those features effectively so that your software is correct, efficient, maintainable, and portable. That’s where this seminar comes in. It describes how to write truly great software using C++11 and C++14—i.e. using modern C++.

This course is based on Scott's best-selling Effective Modern C++. All attendees will receive a copy of this book.

Course Highlights

Participants will gain:

Who Should Attend

Systems designers, programmers, and technical managers involved in the design, implementation, and maintenance of libraries and applications using C++11 and C++14. Participants should be familiar with the fundamental concepts introduced by C++11 (e.g., move semantics, multithreading, lambda expressions, smart pointers, etc.), but expertise is not required. (One way to acquire the appropriate background is through Scott's more introductory course, An Overview of the New C++ (C++11/14)).


Lecture and question/answer. There are no hands-on exercises, but participants are welcome — encouraged! — to bring computers to experiment with the material as it is presented.


Four full days (six to seven lecture hours per day).

Detailed Topic Outline

For more information on this course, contact Scott directly.