Fastware! Straight Talk About Fast Code

Welcome to the site for Scott Meyers' book-in-progress, Fastware!: Straight Talk about Fast Code.


The executive summary for Fastware! is:

A book of under 300 pages covering the most important practical information about designing and implementing programs and systems that are fast. Aimed at architects, designers, and implementers of software systems targeting any problem domain using any programming language(s). Suitable for students or professionals. Assumes software development experience, but no formal background in Computer Science. Brings together the most important speed-related information every developer should be familiar with.

Unlike Scott's "Effective" books, Fastware! will be language-independent, as applicable to programmers in C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc., as to C and C++ developers.


Current Fastware!-related resources include the following:


Fastware! is expected to include chapters on the following topics: