March 30, 1995 - September 28, 2004

Persephone was half Labrador Retriever and half Grosser (large) Münsterländer. She loved to swim, play soccer, chase squirrels, go for walks, bury bones, and, occasionally, bark at nothing in particular. She thought she was a person. No one dared disagree.

[May 2003 Photo of Persephone]       [May 2003 Head Photo of Persephone]
Formal portraits, taken in May 2003.
[April 2002 Photo of Persephone]       [March 2000 Photo of Persephone]       [March 1998 Photo of Persephone and Scott]
Taken in April 2002.       Taken in March 2000.       Taken in March 1998.
[Photo 1 of Scott and Puppy] [Photo 2 of Scott and Puppy]             [Photo 1 of Adult] [Photo 2 of Adult]
Taken in May 1995.
Persephone was about 6 weeks old
and weighed about 9 pounds.
            Taken in July 1996.
Persephone was about 16 months old
and weighed about 72 pounds.