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An Introduction to TR1 and Boost

TR1 — "Technical Report 1" from the Library Subcommittee of the C++ Standardization Committee — specifies new functionality being added to standard C++. Much of the work behind TR1 was done at Boost, the best known and most highly respected repository for open-source, cross-platform, peer-reviewed C++ libraries. This seminar offers an intense, selective overview of TR1 and Boost library functionality. It's intense, because a lot of information is covered, and it's selective, because not all of TR1's 14 and Boost's 80+ libraries are examined.

TR1 and Boost library functionality is both powerful and immediately available, so every practicing C++ developer should be familiar with the material in this seminar.

Course Highlights

Participants will gain:

Who Should Attend

Systems designers, programmers, and technical managers involved in the design, implementation, and maintenance of software systems written in C++. Participants will get the most out of this seminar if they are comfortable with the major features of C++ and the STL (e.g., classes, templates, containers, iterators, etc.) and are familiar with the basics of reference counting, hash tables, and regular expressions.


Lecture and question/answer. There are no hands-on exercises, but participants are welcome to use their computers to experiment with the course material as it is presented.


One full day (six to seven lecture hours).

Detailed Topic Outline

For more information on this course, contact Scott directly.