Scott Meyers

Approved Training Vendors

Each of the following vendors has licensed Scott's training materials--the very materials Scott created for his own use.

Jon Kalb Jon Kalb is in his third decade developing C++ software for companies that include Amazon, Apple, Intuit, Microsoft, Sun, and Yahoo!. He's a mover and shaker behind C++ conferences such as C++ Now and CppCon (both of which he chairs), but more importantly for training purposes, he's an accomplished presenter with keen insights into the topics he addresses. He's perhaps best known for his talks on exception-safe coding, but that's just the tip of his technical capabilities.

BD Software BD Software is Leor Zolman, who has worked with Scott’s training curriculum since 2003. Leor has unusually extensive experience as a developer and technical trainer, and Scott selected him as a pre-publication reviewer for all his books since 2001 (i.e., for Effective STL, Effective C++, Third Edition, and Effective Modern C++).

Andrei Alexandrescu Andrei Alexandrescu is author of Modern C++ Design, a book so influential, it marked the introduction of the era of “modern” C++ programming. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a primary role in the design of the D programming language, and his experience as former research scientist at Facebook, Andrei is uniquely qualified to handle the most demanding audiences and technically sophisticated material. He's especially well suited to presentations focusing on performance.

Wintellect Wintellect began as a consulting and training company specializing in Windows-specific technologies, but it has since branched out, and its platform-independent C++ curriculum counts Scott's modern C++ training courses as a foundational component. Wintellect offers both on-site and remote training options.