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Better Software — No Matter What

Some development practices improve software quality, regardless of the domain of the application, the language in which it's written, the platform on which it runs, or the users it is intended to serve. This seminar explores fundamental principles, practices, and standards that improve software quality, no matter what the software does, how it does it, or whom it does it for.

Unlike most treatments of software quality, this seminar focuses on the critical role that programmers play, and it discusses specific strategies applicable to their activities.

Course Highlights

Participants will gain:

Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this seminar is the people responsible for the code: programmers, team leads, and development managers. The information is also well-suited for professionals who work with such people (e.g., QA personnel) or who are interested in improving their organization's software development process.


Lecture and question/answer. There are no hands-on exercises.


One full day (six to seven lecture hours).

Detailed Topic Outline

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