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Design Patterns, Templates, and Policy-Based Design

The book Design Patterns by the "Gang of Four" (i.e., the "GOF") introduced the idea of patterns to the software development community. This seminar offers a novel view of design patterns, focusing on how templates can make working with patterns more effective. The seminar also describes policy-based design (PBD), a template-based technology introduced in Andrei Alexandrescu's Modern C++ Design that can generate dozens of implementations for the same pattern, each embodying a unique set of design trade-offs.

Course Highlights

Participants will gain:

Who Should Attend

Systems designers, programmers, and technical managers involved in the design, implementation, and maintenance of software systems written in C++. Participants should know the basic features of C++ (e.g., classes, inheritance, virtual functions, templates), but expertise is not required. People who have learned C++ recently, as well as people who have been programming in C++ for many years, will come away from this seminar with new insights into C++, templates, and design patterns.


Lecture and question/answer. There are no hands-on exercises, but participants are welcome to use their computers to experiment with the course material as it is presented.


One full day (six to seven lecture hours).

Detailed Topic Outline

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